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Welcome to the new home of Autarch Armoury

Autarch Armoury is a supplier to the South African LARP, COS Play and geek gamer community. We supply everything from LARP safe throwing weapons to action ready swords. We also assist players with costuming such as chain maille rings and foam with tutorials on how to make costuming

The page has just been rolled and requires a bunch load of XP to reach it's true potential. We invite you to take a journey with the Autarch Armoury page as it develops into greatness over time

More experience points gained! We now have our Swords and Cores pages live, please go through and buy something! Nothing like running around with a foam sword at a live action role play event. We all hate those bulky pool noodles that make you look like you are running around with a prophylactic. Look awesome, use a foam replica!

Our Product Line